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Elevate Your Decor With Handmade Candles Crafted By The Candledust

TheCandledust is indeed a candle but a candle you design yourself!

About Us

We started out with an immense desire and passion for crafting hand-made candles. We set up a company by the name of Vivin that manufactures hand-made soy candles. As time passed, we witnessed a variety of candle technologies. At some point we put two and two together to elaborate the revolutionary TheCandledust candle concept. We are the first to present to the world the concept of scented powder candles.

Our mission is to make  environmentally friendly candles and we procure our ingredients responsibly. Our ingredients are produced in ways that are not harmful to our environment and those around us. All of our ingredients are certified as entirely reprocessable and recyclable. What makes TheCandledust special is that we use vegetable wax that due to its nature burns clean without soot or smoke.

Discover scents that fill home with coziness

Rhubarb sparkle

Romantic and luxurious classic – Champagne and Rhubarb. The abundance of spring rhubarb can be felt in the aroma of the candle. A fragrance that attracts experiences and emotions. An undisputed favorite of our customers



Fresh morning aroma that embodies freshness and crispness, this scent is suitable for any situation and atmosphere. A fragrance with notes of mandarin and bergamot, combined with fresh jasmine and a light touch of vanilla. An undisputed favorite of our customers!



Our candles are designed to add elegance and a wonderful scent. The design of the candle is modest but at the same time elegant, so that it naturally fits into any home and interior design.


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Aiandi tee 19/1, Viimsi, Estonia 74001

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